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Protect and healing Rosacea Box

Protect and healing Rosacea Box

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This protect and healing kit is to provide your skincare journey the tools you need to protect your skin from sun, create calming skin, aid in healing redness, aid in healing sunburn and give your skin what it has been searching for. While these products are natural, organic and vegan they are enhanced with Aloe Vera and infused with the necessary essential oil for healthy glowing skin. "Perfect for sensitive skin, acne prone skin"


4 oz bottle of facial serum

4 oz bottle of facial mist

5 oz bar of protection soap


Tea Tree | Lavender | Eucalyptus | Geranium | Chamomile | Rose Oil | Rosemary | Thyme | Coconut Oil | Aloe Vera | Flaxseed oil | vitamin E | Jojoba Oil | Witch Hazel | Olive oil | Sweet almond oil and curing agents. 

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