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HS hidradenitis suppurativa treatment box

HS hidradenitis suppurativa treatment box

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a touchy situation and it's hard to live with. We have curated a product to provide relief while keeping the skin clean, acting as a sterilizer and aiding in your healing journey. With extensive research we have found that using the right ingredients while making a daily routine can be monumental to find normalcy in a very challenging time. This kit will provide everything that you need to add to your normal routine. The only thing you will need is bandages. 

Kit ingredients: Kits are made with all organic products including turmeric, honey, aloe vera, cinnamon, green tea, ginger, distilled rose water, coconut, lavender and tea tree   Depending on the items they may be made with other things to curate or enhance the quality of the items. 

Benefits: Reduce flare up’s | aid in healing wounds | relieves pain | aid in preventing HS from worsening

kit includes 

Organic soothing Soap 

4 oz scalp oil 

Infused rubbing alcohol 

10oz of soothing soaking bath salts 

2oz of apple cider ginger 

5 bath soak tea bags 

Directions: Cover the trouble areas with the clay mask and you can either gently wipe it off or you can soak it off in the tub using our soothing bath salts. Cover your scalp with our scalp oil to get the best results and benefits. Apply 3 to 4 nice size scoops of our epsom bath salts into the bath water and soak for 15 to 30 mins to calm the skin. Don’t forget to add 5 drops of the infused alcohol to the water to sterilize your wounds.

Use the apply cider vinegar in the bath water as long as you do not have open wounds or sores. 

Clay mask discloser: please do a patch test on your arm to ensure there isn’t a allergic reaction to the natural clay we use. 

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